Your Options for Treating Anisometropia and Aniseikonia

by Mar 3, 2021Contact Lenses, Glasses, Laser Surgery

Vision correction of one of our specialities at the clinic. Whether it is glasses or contact lenses, our job is to provide you with the best vision possible.

In some cases, a patient may have very different prescriptions in each eye, causing an imbalance between the two eyes when a pair of glasses is made. For example, if a patient has one lens that is a high plus lens, that image may appear bigger than the other, causing confusion and discomfort.

Not only is one side of the glasses heavier than the other, one eye may even look magnified by the other from an observer. Below are some of the symptoms and treatment options for individuals requiring these types of vision correction.

Anisometropia can result in aniseikonia

Eye strain, including symptoms of aching, burning or a pulling sensation may be experienced. In addition, some may report double vision or a tilting of surfaces due to the varying magnification or minification. Blurry vision may also result.

Feeling nauseous, dizzy, or being subjected to headaches may also occur. Additionally, depth perception will be affected.


Can glasses fix anisometropia?

Some individuals may be lucky and not notice any symptoms. The younger a patient is when they are first prescribed these glasses, the less likely they will be influenced by the imbalance. However, each person is different as one individual may have significant symptoms to a specific disparity between the two lenses whereas another individual may not be as sensitive.

The selection of the glasses frame is key. When choosing your next pair of glasses, choose a smaller, more circular frame, as it will allow for a smaller lens. This will help decrease the weight imbalance and thickness of a high prescription lens.

There are a variety of parameters on the glasses lenses that can be made to alleviate some of these symptoms. The index of refraction of the lens is often a good starting point.

The effect of changing this parameter is often observed in the thickness and weight of the lens. A higher index lens would be a different material, with each step allowing for a lighter and thinner lens.

If this parameter were to be altered, it is often changed on the lens with the higher prescription. The magnification within the lens also decreases with a higher index lens.

Another parameter is the base curve of the lens, which refers to the curvature usually at the front of the lens. Flattening the base curve will decrease the magnification, often improving both the cosmetic appearance as well as the distortion observed through the lens. Decreasing the center thickness of the lens will also decrease the weight and magnification of the lens.


Contact lenses and laser surgery is a great option for anisometropia

Lastly, switching from glasses into contact lenses may decrease these symptoms as the lenses sit much closer to the eyes. Alternatively, refractive eye surgery such as LASIK or PRK can also help by removing the need for corrective lenses.

If these are options you would like to learn more about, make sure to mention it to our optometrist at your next appointment and they can assess if this is an option for you!

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