Your Guide for Buying New Glasses

by May 27, 2020

Purchasing your next pair of glasses may seem like an overwhelming task.  There are so many factors to consider, from choosing the right frame and lenses, to finding an option that fits your budget.  Here at Nittany Eye Associates, we want to make the experience of buying new glasses as enjoyable as possible, so we have compiled some tips to improve the experience for you.  Continue reading for a guide to purchasing your next pair of glasses. 

Choosing Frames for Your New Glasses

For most people, choosing a frame is the most daunting part of buying new glasses.  When considering investing in new spectacles, it is important to find a frame that fits your style, personality, visual needs, and budget.  Our highly trained opticians are skilled at helping you find a frame that is both stylish and functional.  They can take factors like the shape of your face, your prescription, and your personal style into consideration when they make recommendations.  They can even recommend different glasses based on your visual demands.  If you are worried about having thick lenses or heavy glasses, our opticians can help you find the lens and frame combination that will make you most comfortable.  Additionally, they will work extra hard to help you find options that fit your budget. 

Does COVID-19 have you worried about shopping for and trying on new glasses? No fear.  We have strict and effective sanitary protocols in place to make the experience safe for you.  To keep you safe, we will thoroughly clean every frame you wish to try on.  In order to properly and safely serve you, we ask that you call and schedule a visit to try on and order frames at this time.  We are also offering virtual fittings, so you can browse online to narrow down some choices before even entering the store.   


Choosing Lenses for Your Glasses

After you have found the perfect frame, it is time to choose the lenses that will serve you best.  Our opticians can consider all of your visual needs and demands and help you choose the lenses that are perfect for you.  If your job demands long hours of computer work, they can recommend an anti-reflective coating or blue blockers to reduce glare and improve comfort.  If you are looking for sun protection, they can talk to you about your options like polarized or photochromatic lenses.  Our opticians are also able to help you use your insurance benefits to maximize your savings and get you the best possible lenses.  


Online Stores vs. In-Person Optical Stores

A new flood of online optical retailers offers cheap and easy glasses, but are they worth the price?  Ordering from an internet-based optical can result in many details being overlooked.  Lenses you order on these websites may not take into consideration some of the complex and specific measurements that are taken in-person by our highly trained opticians.  The more complex your prescription is, the more likely there is to be mistakes when the glasses are ordered online.  Unlike online optical shops, our opticians can make sure your lenses have all the treatments and coatings you desire to ensure you are happy with your lenses the first time around. 

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