Telemedicine Services

by May 7, 2020

Telemedicine at Nittany Eye Associates 


For your convenience, we are now offering telemedicine visits with our doctors. Services are limited to emergency visits and dry eye appointments at this time. While we will make every effort to treat your ocular condition online, some visits will require an appointment at the office. To schedule a telemedicine appointment, please follow the steps below:


Ensure you are able to complete telemedicine appointment

  • Access to a personal computer, tablet, or cell phone equipped with a camera and microphone is required  
  • An email address and cell phone number are also necessary 


Call to schedule your appointment

  • Call 814-234-2015 to determine if your visit qualifies for a telemedicine visit 
  • If so, you will be scheduled at that time. If not, we will determine the best next steps for your care.  


Complete Virtual Visual Acuity Test

  • In order to complete this test, you must have access to BOTH a computer and a smart phone. 
  • If you do not have both, you may still complete the test, but results will not be as clear.  
  • Please complete this test no later than an hour before your appointment, so the Doctor can review your results.  


Join the Virtual Waiting Room

  • After your appointment is scheduled you will also receive a link to a virtual waiting room through 
  • Click on the link, enter your name and be sure to give access to your camera and microphone.  
  • An instructional video can be found here 
  • Please enter the waiting room 5-10 minutes early and call us if you experience any difficulty logging in.  


Your Appointment

  • Your doctor will enter the chat at the scheduled appointment time  
  • We respect your time and will be prompt, but technical delays may occur. If we are unable to connect, we will reach out via phone. 


After your appointment

  • You will receive a phone call the next day with any charges from your visit 
  • At this time you will also receive instructions on how to fill out patient forms and a link to these forms will be sent to you  


Request Appointment

You can schedule your next appointment with us online!

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