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Our mission at Nittany Eye Associates is to offer world class care through the collaborative efforts of our optometrists, ophthalmologists and eye-care staff. By utilizing the newest technology in eye health, glasses, and contact lenses, we provide a patient experience that is second to none. With over 20 years of service and locations in State College, Greys Woods, Spring Mills, Tyrone, and Lock Haven we are your home for quality eye care.

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Eye Doctor and Optometrist Services in Port Matilda, PA 

Our optometrists in Port Matilda, PA and surrounding areas will determine what level of vision correction you require.  Contacts are available in either soft or rigid gas permeable form. Contact lenses need to be changed daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on what type of lens you select. Specialized contact lenses, such as bifocal contact lenses, are also available for patients with special eye conditions. Call one of our offices today to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors if you are interested in learning if contact lenses are a good fit for you.

What Our Patients Are Saying

5 star review  Tl;dr: I recently had the best prescription sunglasses buying experience at Nittany Eye associate, much better than the online orders I placed in the past to get and eventually return the glasses. Andrea at Nittany eye is one heck of an employee. She started by understanding the need for a new pair of glasses. Then based on my budget, preference and style she helped me narrow down 3 pairs that I wanted. 45 minutes into the process I realized that I actually need sunglasses and not clear ones to meet my needs. Andrea patiently helped me put back all the glasses and took me to the sunglasses section. Thankfully we had finalized the lens details by then. After looking at all the possible permutations and combinations and all the math she did for me, I got a really good deal for an excellent pair of Under Amour sunglasses. Andrea started the conversation by saying, “I am pregnant so my brain is not working.”, but with the diligence and sincerity she helped mw out to pick up these glasses, I wonder either her pregnancy brain got too strong or if this was slow then what is her brain power when not pregnant 🤔. Overall it was a much better experience with proper measurement for the frame fitting, OD distance, distance between the pupils, etc. things that I tried doing online but are very tricky to do at home without expert supervision. Nittany Eye Associates have earned a permanent customer and Andrea deserved a raise 😎👍🏼!

thumb Vipin Sharma
November 11, 2021

5 star review  This is a great bunch of people. I highly would recommend anyone to go see them . If your getting glasses they have many frames to choose from and any contacts you would need also there,always there for you .

thumb Dp Wallace
January 29, 2021

5 star review  Dr. Brown is always friendly and helpful. He explains things in a way that doesn't make you feel like he has to dumb it down for you.

thumb Becky Sherman
June 22, 2020

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