Everything to Know About Disposable Contact Lenses 

by Dec 11, 2019

Daily disposable contact lenses are a popular option for corrective eyewear because of their convenience, comfortability, and health benefits.  Eye care providers and patients both love the perks of these lenses, and it is easy to see why they have quickly become one of the most popular choices among contact lens wearers.  Read on to learn more about daily disposable contact lenses and the benefits they can provide.


The Basics of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are single-use lenses that are inserted in the morning, worn throughout the day, then discarded at night.  In the morning, a fresh pair of lenses is put on straight from the manufacturer’s packaging. This one-day wear schedule completely eliminates the need to clean the lenses after removing them and store them overnight, and as such makes them a convenient option.  Removing the nightly routine of cleaning and storing lenses makes daily disposable contacts a popular choice among teenagers and busy individuals with hectic schedules. Daily disposable lenses are also an easy option for those who are new to contact lenses, or do not necessarily like to wear their contact lenses every single day.

Daily disposable lenses are different than “daily wear” lenses.  Many monthly or bi-weekly lenses may be a “daily-wear” modality, which means they are worn during the day, removed at night, then re-inserted in the morning, but these lenses do not have the same convenient wear-schedule as daily disposable contact lenses.

Health Benefits of Daily Disposables

It is widely accepted by eye care providers that daily disposable contact lenses are the healthiest options for contact lenses.  Disposing of the lenses each night prevents bacteria, proteins, or lipids from collecting on the lens and causing ocular irritation.  By eliminating the cleaning and storage process, there is a drastically smaller chance of infections or other corneal problems related to contact lenses.  The fact that these lenses are cleaner not only makes them a healthier option, but also a more comfortable one.

Dry Eyes and Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Many people report that their contact lenses worsen the symptoms of dry eye disease — daily disposable contact lenses may be an ideal option for these individuals.  Debris like proteins and lipids do not have the opportunity to accumulate on the surface of daily disposable contacts, which means there may be less irritation and dryness associated with wearing contacts.  Additionally, daily disposable contact lenses are made of a soft, breathable material that allows adequate nutrient transfer.

What Are the Drawbacks? 

You may have heard that daily disposable contact lenses are an expensive alternative to monthly or bi-weekly lenses.  Luckily, this is just a misconception. There are a wide variety of daily disposable lenses, with options that fall in all price ranges.  Insurance benefits can be used towards these lenses, oftentimes making them just as affordable as a new pair of glasses. Additionally, the costs associated with contact lens solution and cases is eliminated with the use of daily disposable lenses.

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