Choosing Lenses for Your Next Pair of Glasses

by May 29, 2019

Buying glasses can be an exciting but overwhelming experience.  It can seem like the number of frames and lens options are endless, and you are always faced with decisions regarding add-on features or lens upgrades.  If you are familiar with these selections and how they may benefit you, you are more likely to end up with a pair of glasses that you love and that perfectly fit your lifestyle.  To ensure that you are happy with your glasses, we have outlined some of the most popular lens options. Read on to learn more about which lenses may be right for you!


Blue Blocking Lenses

Blue blocking lenses utilize some of the newest technology in optical lens design. Many studies have shown that high energy wavelengths, particularly blue light, has potentially harmful effects on the eyes, ranging from eyestrain to disruption of sleep cycle.  These specialty lenses blue blocking lenses work by filtering out high-energy wavelengths, particularly blue light. They are an ideal choice for those who are exposed to high amounts of blue light from extended use of computer screens, tablets, cellphones, or other digital devices.  Most blue-blocking lenses have a subtle yellow tint that helps protect the eyes and reduce eye strain associated with digital screens and blue light.


Anti-Reflective Coatings

Many people consider an anti-reflective property to be the most important feature of a good optical lens.  Anti-reflective coatings are a treatment option that help reduce reflections and glare from both the front and back surfaces of the lens.  Lenses that contain an anti-reflective, or AR, coating can be especially beneficial for night driving by reducing bothersome haloes and glare from oncoming headlights.  AR coating can also provide a cosmetic appeal by reducing glare both in person and in photographs.


Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses are clear lenses that are treated chemically so that they darken when they are exposed to sunlight.  Lenses with photochromic coatings are a cost-effective option for those who wear glasses fulltime and may be faced with the dilemma of purchasing a pair of prescription sunglasses in addition to traditional prescription glasses.  Many people find the sun blocking abilities of these lenses to be very beneficial, but the lenses may come with some drawbacks. Certain photochromic lenses can be slow to transition from dark to light when coming indoors on a sunny day, which can be distracting and cosmetically unappealing to some.  Some photochromic coatings do not darken inside the car because the UV-blocking properties of the windshield prevents the lenses from receiving enough direct sun exposure to trigger the transition to dark. Despite these potential drawbacks, photochromic lenses have continued to be a popular lens choice for many years.


High-Index Lenses

High-index lenses are made of a special material used to keep the lenses sleek and thin.  For those people with very high prescriptions who are used to wearing thick, bulky lenses, high-index materials can be used to reduce the weight and thickness of the lens.  High-index options can make lenses more comfortable as well as more cosmetically appealing. Lenses made of high-index materials can also incorporate additional coatings and treatments, such as anti-reflective, blue-blocking, or photochromic.  

While these are a few of the more popular lens options available to you, there are more choices that can maximize your satisfaction with your new glasses.  Your optometrist at Nittany Eye Care will point you in the right direction to help personalize your glasses and lenses to fit your needs.

Our eye doctors and staff at Nittany Eye Associates excel in the prescription of glasses and various lenses and lens options. Call us at (814) 234-2015 or schedule an eye exam appointment online.  Our optometrists provide the highest quality eye care services in Central PA.

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