Can You Get a Skin Tag on Your Eyelid?

by Jun 21, 2021Eyelid

 Papn tags are a common nuisance on skin in various parts of the body. The eyelid is especially prone to developing skin tags.


What is a Skin Tag?

A skin tag, sometimes called a squamous papilloma, is a non-cancerous growth of skin cells. These cells form an elevated nodule or extend out from the surface of the skin.

Many skin tags will have a small stalk that attaches to the surface of the skin. This type of skin tag is called a pedunculated papilloma.

If the skin tag does not have a stalk and the entire mass is directly on the surface of the skin, then it is called a sessile papilloma.


What can Cause Skin Tags?

There are many reasons a skin tag might develop, but there is no way to determine what caused a particular skin tag to occur.

Some possible causes of skin tags include rubbing the skin, exposure to the sun, and age in general.

Since rubbing of the skin is a common cause of skin tags, if you frequently rub your eyelids or scratch around your eyes, you may be more likely to develop a skin tag.

Additionally, if you are outside in the sun a lot without protection such as a hat or sunglasses, you may be more likely to develop a skin tag.


What Issues Can a Papilloma Cause?

Skin tags do not often cause issues, even when they are on the eyelid. However, the presence of a skin tag on the eyelid is often unpleasant and many people elect to have a skin tag removed for appearance alone.

If there are issues caused by the skin tag, they mostly relate to the extra weight on the upper lid since most skin tags form on the upper rather than lower lid.

Possible issues include eyelid drooping, dryness, irritation, and decreased vision.

If the skin tag pulls the upper lid down, it may cause the eyelid to appear to droop. Many times, this can be overcome by forcibly opening the eye wider but in some cases the eyelid will still appear to droop.

A sensation of dryness can occur if the skin tag reduces the number of blinks per minute or affects the glands which secrete a portion of the tear film. Both instances cause the tears to evaporate quicker and the eye to feel dry.

Depending on the position of the skin tag, it may come into contact with the front of the eye. If this happens repeatedly, it can cause a corneal abrasion and result in irritation or pain.

Skin tags can affect vision by causing the lid to droop, causing the tear film to evaporate, and several other causes.


How do you Treat an Eyelid Papilloma?

It is important that a skin tag on the eyelid be removed by a professional and not done at home. If the skin tag is pulled or cut at home, it can cause additional damage to the eye and may recur in the same location.

In many states, optometrists are allowed and qualified to surgically remove the skin tag in office. In some cases, another specialist may be the preferred option depending on the location and size of the skin tag.

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