Order Blue Light Blocker Glasses

Ordering your blue light blocker glasses has never been easier!

We’re excited to introduce the option to purchase blue light glasses online. The Plano Polinelli glasses are a non-prescription, comfort and customized fit frame that includes 3 layers of Anti-Reflective coating within the lens. Giving extra protection, these glasses offer a blue light blocking technology and added UV400 protection helping protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Providing great visual clarity, Polinelli includes a polycarbonate material which is lightweight, and impact resistant. Overall, these Polinelli glasses are great for protection, visual clarity and added comfort.

Step 1

Choose the frame(s) that you like best!

Step 2

Simply fill out our form, and we will contact you to confirm the order and process your payment securely. Each pair is $45 and includes free shipping.

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