Are Shooting Glasses Actually Helpful?

by Aug 30, 2021Glasses

Shooting sports such as trap shooting, handgun, or rifle shooting, and even archery, are continually gaining popularity.

As these sports grow, the competitors are constantly trying to find a way to improve their skills.

One common technique used to try to gain an advantage in the shooting sport is to utilize a pair of shooting glasses while engaging in the sport.


What Are Shooting Glasses?

A number of different products are marketed as shooting glasses. What exactly constitutes true shooting glasses is not a well-defined term.

There are very few, if any, regulations on the over-the-counter versions of shooting glasses. These glasses may be tinted, offer some protection, or simply be a fashion accessory.

While there may be some products marketed as shooting glasses may not provide any additional benefit, most have at least some features which can be attributed to a benefit in sports.


Should Shooting Glasses be Tinted?

Among the most common features of shooting glasses is a tint of some color. The tint may be yellow, orange, brown, or even gray.

Since most of the shooting sports involve sighting and shooting a small target against a background, these tints may provide an additional benefit.

For instance, in traditional trap shooting, the goal is to hit a small clay pigeon that has been launched into the air.

In the case of trap shooting, the clay pigeon is typically orange in color and the background of the sky which is usually a light blue or white.

Wearing a pair of properly tinted shooting glasses can increase the contrast of the target and allow the shooter to find the pigeon more easily against the background.

In the majority of cases, a yellow tinted pair of glasses will provide the biggest increase in the contrast of the sport.

These tinted glasses can also provide an increase in contrast in other shooting sports depending on the color of the target and the color of the background.

Another benefit of tinted lenses is that many of the tints will reduce the overall brightness. This reduction in brightness is similar to wearing sunglasses on a bright sunny day.

When the overall brightness is reduced, there is a reduced likelihood of experiencing dazzle, or getting disoriented due to light.


Safety Glasses

An additional benefit of many shooting glasses is the additional protection provided by the glasses.

In shooting sports, there is an inherit danger or risk of injury due to the nature of the sports.

In a handgun speed competition, many rounds are fired in repetition and the shell casings are ejected just as rapidly.

In this scenario, there is a risk due to the amount of debris and the firearm itself.

Shooting glasses that are designed to provide additional safety should be labeled as compliant with the ANSI Z87.1 standard.

This standard ensures that the safety glasses are designed with the appropriate materials and are resistant to the necessary force or impact.


Is there any Benefit to Shooting Glasses?

The competitive advantage many shooters are seeking is dependent on whether a tinted lens will improve the contrast in their sport and if that will result in better performance.

However, the safety benefit provided by appropriate glasses is certainly worth the small investment.

If you already wear glasses, having your prescription put into a pair of shooting glasses that are tinted appropriately and meet safety standards can provide the shooter with a large benefit.

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